The GPS/MET Project

The GPS/MET Project

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Pictured from left to right are:
  • Stig Syndergaard
  • Suze Adams Peet (below)
  • Danny O'Sullivan (above)
  • Chris Bogart
  • Mikhail Gorbunov
  • Teresa VanHove
  • Ben Herman (above)
  • Da Sheng Feng (below)
  • Rick Anthes
  • Xiaolei Zou (below)
  • Chris Rocken (above)
  • Randolph Ware
  • Michael Exner
  • Mike Kenny
  • Doug Hunt
  • John Braun
  • Sergey Sokolovskiy
  • Bill Schreiner

UCAR began demonstrating the potential of using radio occultation to sound Earth's atmosphere in the GPS/MET experiment from 1995 to 1997. COSMIC has since built on GPS/MET and subsequent radio occultation missions to produce real-time soundings that are tested for their application to operational weather prediction models.

The GPS/MET experiment produced over 80 technical reports and scientific journal publications by May 2000.  While not all of these papers and reports actually use GPS/MET data, they cover a wide range of topics ranging from measurement techniques, retrieval algorithms, and verification studies to data assimilation and impact assessment.  This body of papers is a valuable resource for those interested in learning about the science and technology of radio occultation.

Below we provide a list of references related to GPS/MET; the reference list is broken into two sections: (a) Pre-GPS/MET and (b) Post-GPS/MET. The Pre-GPS/MET section includes publications prior to the launch of the Microlab-1 minisatellite (April 1995). This body of papers covers the early planetary missions and pioneering work in radio occultation techniques. The Post-GPS/MET section includes publications that focus on the retrieval, verification, interpretation, and assimilation of GPS/MET data, as well as on their application to meteorology ionosphere and climate research.

» Pre-GPS/MET References

» Post-GPS/MET References

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