The GPS/MET Project

The GPS/MET Project


Pictured from left to right are: Stig Syndergaard, Suze Adams Peet (below), Danny O'Sullivan (above), Chris Bogart, Mikhail Gorbunov, Teresa VanHove, Ben Herman (above),
Da Sheng Feng (below), Rick Anthes, Xiaolei Zou (below), Chris Rocken (above), Randolph Ware, Michael Exner, Mike Kenny, Doug Hunt, John Braun, Sergey Sokolovskiy, and Bill Schreiner

Scientific Results from the GPS/MET Experiment (1995-1997)

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UCAR began demonstrating the potential of using radio occultation to sound Earth's atmosphere in the GPS/MET experiment from 1995 to 1997. COSMIC has since built on GPS/MET and subsequent radio occultation missions to produce real-time soundings that are tested for their application to operational weather prediction models.

The GPS/MET experiment produced over 80 technical reports and scientific journal publications by May 2000.  While not all of these papers and reports actually use GPS/MET data, they cover a wide range of topics ranging from measurement techniques, retrieval algorithms, and verification studies to data assimilation and impact assessment.  This body of papers is a valuable resource for those interested in learning about the science and technology of radio occultation.

Below we provide a list of references related to GPS/MET; the reference list is broken into two sections: (a) Pre-GPS/MET and (b) Post-GPS/MET. The Pre-GPS/MET section includes publications prior to the launch of the Microlab-1 minisatellite (April 1995). This body of papers covers the early planetary missions and pioneering work in radio occultation techniques. The Post-GPS/MET section includes publications that focus on the retrieval, verification, interpretation, and assimilation of GPS/MET data, as well as on their application to meteorology ionosphere and climate research.

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» The Promise of GPS-MET: a 1995 video on the GPS-MET experiment - The first radio occultation measurements made of Earth's atmosphere.
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» Assimilation of GPS Radio Occultation Data for Numerical Weather Prediction by Kuo et al. discusses the various strategies for assimilation of GPS/MET radio occultation data and reviews results from recent data assimilation studies.