Sixth Data Users Workshop

Sixth Data Users Workshop

Sixth FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users' Workshop
Student Poster Session

30 October - 1 November 2012
Boulder, Colorado U.S.A.

Student Poster Session Overview

The Sixth FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users' Workshop will include a Student Poster Session. The purpose of the poster session is to provide students an opportunity to share your research, to practice your presentation skills, to interact with other attendees, and to receive feedback on your research from both scientific experts and other students. We are soliciting submissions of posters from undergraduate and graduate university students, to share your experience with and/or plan for using FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC data.


Poster Abstract Submission: extended to 17 August 2012
Student Financial Support Application: extended to 17 August 2012
Abstract Acceptance Notification: by 1 September 2012
Student Financial Travel Support Notification: by 1 September 2012

Registration and Fees

Registration is now closed

50 USD for all students.

The registration fee will be waived for all students (U.S. and foreign) who submit poster abstracts. Select payment method "Pay at Event." Students may still see a 50 fee but it will be waived after the abstract submission deadline passes and the poster abstracts are accepted.

Financial Support

All U.S. students (U.S. citizens or permanent residents) submitting poster abstracts are eligible to be considered for travel assistance. U.S. students should apply online at the workshop registration website. The level of support available for each U.S. student is limited and is based on the number of students who apply and the types of assistance requested. U.S. students are encouraged to provide as much of their own support as possible. U.S. students will be notified of the level of support by 1 September 2012.

The registration fee will be waived for all students (U.S. and foreign) who submit poster abstracts.

Travel arrangement information will be sent to the U.S. students who will receive financial travel support from UCAR.

Poster Session

All students participating in the Student Poster Session should submit a poster abstract through the workshop registration website by 17 August 2012. Posters will be presented in a formal student poster session at the Sixth FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users' Workshop.

The formal student poster presentations will consist of two components:
1. Poster
2. Poster Introduction


  • The poster display boards are 60 inches tall by 47 inches wide. Participants should ensure that their poster fits within these dimensions and yet the bottom of the poster is still easy to view. The minimum suggested poster size is 36 inches tall by 40 inches wide.
  • Posters should include a poster title, information identifying the researcher(s) and their affiliation(s), an abstract, and a short summary of objectives, methodology, results and conclusions.
  • Posters should be hung on the poster display boards before 12:00 noon on 30 October 2012 in the South Auditorium. Poster boards will be assigned and a list of these assignments will be posted outside of the South Auditorium. Posting materials will be supplied.
  • Senior scientists in the poster topic field will be invited to talk to each student during the poster session. Students should plan to stand with their posters in order to orally present them and answer questions.
  • A .ppt or .pdf file of your poster should be sent to by Friday, 16 November for posting on the workshop website.

Poster Tips:

  • State the objectives at the start
  • An abstract is not an introduction
  • Assume viewers are not specialists on your topic
  • Do not crowd the space with too many results (font size)
  • State conclusions for each figure nearby, not only at the end of the poster
  • Emphasize the scientific significance and originality of your work
  • Extract the essence of the work for the viewer, both orally and visually

Poster Introduction:

Prior to the workshop poster session, each student participant is expected to give a three (3) minute oral presentation. The oral presentation will consist of one slide summarizing the poster. This slide should include a poster title, authors(s) and their affiliation(s), and a brief highlight of results.

Please send this one slide .ppt or .pdf file to by Friday, 19 October.

Visit the Presenter FAQs page for more information.

To view past examples of student posters, visit the "Student Posters" section of the FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Workshop 2011 and 4th FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users Workshop websites.

Additional Student Program Activities (optional)

Roundtable discussion with members of COSMIC Data Analysis and Archive Center (CDAAC) operational team and COSMIC scientists
Thursday, 1 November
2:00 - 4:00 p.m. UCAR Foothills Lab (FL4, 3300 Mitchell Lane)
(lunch and transportation will be provided)

This roundtable discussion is an excellent opportunity for students to communicate with RO experts and CDAAC team members, to exchange research experiences, and to understand the key problems/main challenges in this field.


Each U.S. student receiving travel assistance (per diem, lodging, and/or airfare) will be required to write a short report following the conclusion of the workshop. Details will be provided to the selected students prior to the workshop.

2012 Student Reports


The Student Poster Session of the Sixth FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC Data Users' Workshop is sponsored by:
  • University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) COSMIC Program
  • National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • National Science Council (NSC) Taiwan
  • Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Houston (TECO-Houston)

Student Session Planning Committee

Dr. Zhen Janet Zeng (Chair, Student Session) and Dr. Xinan Yue

Student Session Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at:

Phone: +1.303.497.2600 (Dawn Williams)