Scientific Objectives


Topical areas to be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Status of RO data processing and data availability
  • RO retrieval improvements in the lower troposphere and upper stratosphere
  • Data assimilation into numerical models and impact studies from leading weather centers
  • NWP model verification and improvement using RO data - improvement of micro-physical processes and parameterizations of planetary boundary layer, cloud/convection schemes, and gravity wave activity
  • Climate studies with RO data - climate trend detection, climate model verification and improvement
  • Ionosphere and space weather research and applications – electron density, total electron content, scintillation, climatology, data assimilation, and model verification
  • Precise orbit determination and excess atmospheric phase processing - algorithm improvements and validation studies
  • Comparisons with other sensors including various RO missions and other measurement techniques
  • Updates and progress of the RO Modeling EXperiment (ROMEX)
  • Plans for future validation experiments, campaigns, or other projects in the neutral atmosphere and ionosphere
  • Programmatic updates on current missions such as COSMIC-2
  • Future missions
  • Adjacent remote sensing techniques such as GNSS reflectometry and scatterometry