What We Offer

GNSS Radio Occultation Diagram

Data Products

The COSMIC Data Analysis and Archive Center (CDAAC) is responsible for processing science data received from ground- and space-based GNSS instruments and distributing low level data, higher level products, and software tools. GNSS-RO processing status and data are available at the CDAAC website. Our CYGNSS soil moisture products are available here.

UCAR Building with Mountain Reflection in Windows

Data User Support

We provide data user support via a web forum where you can browse FAQs, previous questions/answers, and post new questions. Register for forum access here.

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Access to the publications, presentations, and posters of the COSMIC Program are available via the OpenSky repository. OpenSky is the open access institutional repository supporting UCAR,NCAR, and UCP, extending free and open access to our scholarship for the benefit of research and education. OpenSky is operated by the NCAR Library, on the principle that public access to the scholarly record is essential to the advancement of science and society.