COSMIC-1 Satellite

Reprocessed Datasets

COSMIC-1 data are available at The following are available:

The latest cosmic2021 reprocessing was published in 2022 and covers the complete mission data. Release notes for cosmic2021 are available here.

Post-Processed Datasets

COSMIC-1 post-processed data are available at ​ The following are available:

These datasets are available from 2014-05-01 to 2020-05-01.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

UCAR has obtained a DOI for the COSMIC-1 data published by the CDAAC:

The DOI redirects to this page. DOIs are assumed to persist indefinitely, so they are preferable to using standard URLs in your citations. Here is a suggested citation in the AMS citation style:

UCAR COSMIC Program, 2022: COSMIC-1 Data Products [Data set]. UCAR/NCAR - COSMIC, Access date [insert date],